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Zoe Lund Height Eye Color Hair Color Ethnicity Nationality

Zoe Lund Height

5' 7" (170 cm)

Zoe Lund Eye Color


Zoe Lund Hair Color

Light brown

Zoe Lund Dress Size

Light brown

Zoe Lund First Name


Zoe Lund Last Name


Zoe Lund Nick Names

Zoë Tamerlis, Zoë Tamerlaine, Zoë Tamerlaine-Lund

Zoe Lund Date Of Birth

9 February, 1962

Zoe Lund Birth Place

New York

Zoe Lund Date Of Death

16 April, 1999 in Paris, France

Zoe Lund Cause Of Death

Heart Failure due to extended cocaine use, which replaced her long-term heroin use after her move to Paris in 1997

Zoe Lund Nationality


Zoe Lund Ethnicity


Zoe Lund Occupation

Musician, model, actress, screenwriter

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