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Yoo Jin Kim Height Weight Ethnicity Nationality

Yoo-jin Ki Height

5' 2¾" (159 cm)

Yoo-jin Ki Weight

103 lbs (46.7 kg)

Yoo-jin Ki First Name


Yoo-jin Ki Last Name


Yoo-jin Ki Nick Names

김유진, Eugene Kim, Eugene, Yoo Jin, 金楢真, Gim Yu-jin, Kim Yu-chin, Kim Eugene, Yu-jin Gim, Gim Yujin, Gim Yu Jin, Yujin Gim, Yu Jin Gim, Kim Yuchin, Kim Yu Chin, Yu-chin Kim, Yuchin Kim, Yu Chin Kim, Yoo Jin Kim, Kim Yoo-jin, Kim Yoo Jin, , Panda

Yoo-jin Ki Date Of Birth

3 March, 1981

Yoo-jin Ki Birth Place

Seoul, South Korea

Yoo-jin Ki Nationality

South Korean

Yoo-jin Ki Ethnicity


Yoo-jin Ki Religion


Yoo-jin Ki Sexuality


Yoo-jin Ki Occupation

Actress, Singer

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