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Mitt Romney Height Net Worth Eye Color Hair Color Ethnicity

Mitt Romney Height

6' 2" (188 cm)

Mitt Romney Eye Color

Dark brown

Mitt Romney Hair Color


Mitt Romney Dress Size


Mitt Romney First Name


Mitt Romney Last Name


Mitt Romney Nick Names

Mr. Willard, Governor Flip-Flop, Mitt the Knife, Super PAC-Man, The Wealthy Warlock of Wall Street, The Waffle, The Pretzel Candidate, The Wendell Willkie of the 2012 Election, Catcher's Mitt, The Fledgling Frontrunner, The Mormon, Mitt-Mentum, Mitt Mormon, The Chameleon, Mitt the Massachusetts Moderate, Mr. Roboto, Sh-Mitt Happens, Love the

Mitt Romney Date Of Birth

12 March, 1947

Mitt Romney Birth Place

Detroit, Michigan

Mitt Romney Nationality


Mitt Romney Ethnicity


Mitt Romney Religion


Mitt Romney Sexuality


Mitt Romney Education

Highschool - Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, MI. University - Stanford University (attended two semesters), Brigham Young University.

Mitt Romney Occupation

Vulture Capitalist, Corporatist Stooge

Mitt Romney Net Worth

$250 Million

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